FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

General Questions

Would you explain the billing process?

If you have provided your insurance information, we will file your claim with your carrier. If you provide us information on a secondary carrier upon receipt of payment from your first carrier, we will bill them as well. You should receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company explaining what they paid. We find that insurance companies usually mail the EOB to you one or two weeks prior to sending us the check, therefore the payment may not appear on your next bill. We will send you a timely bill to keep you informed of your account status. If payment is not received in a timely fashion from your insurance carrier, we will request your assistance in contacting your insurance carrier for payment.

I was injured at work. Why am I receiving this bill?

If you’ve been injured in the workplace, you can provide ProBill with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance information and we will bill workers compensation on your behalf. Please contact Patient Services, as soon as possible, at 800-998-7578 (Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 5pm EST and Friday 7:30am – 4pm EST).

Why was my visit to the Emergency Department so expensive

The ED is staffed 24 hours per day, and fees are based on the costs associated with being prepared for emergency trauma at any time of day or night. Non-emergency visits are far less costly when patients visit a physician’s office or clinic.

My adult child (over the age of 18) has a bill and I would like to discuss it.

Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, ProBill cannot discuss information on the account unless we have prior consent from the patient.

Why can’t ProBill call my health insurance to get information regarding my coverage?

The patient (or parent / legal guardian of a minor) needs to call the insurance company. The billing of insurance is a courtesy to you. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. Communication with your insurance company is your responsibility. ProBill does not have access to your policy nor the terms of its coverage. ProBill depends on you to provide the necessary information that is applicable to your specific policy.

It has been months since I was treated in the ER, why am I only now receiving a bill?

Some insurance plans take up to 90 days or longer to pay a claim. If the physician group participates with your insurance, during this time we do not send out information to patients regarding their billing activity, as we have found this can cause overpayments. Upon receipt of payment from your insurance carrier, you will receive a bill from ProBill for any remaining balance, which includes details of your insurance payment activity and other useful information.

Why were these charges not included in my hospital bill?

Although services were rendered at the hospital, you may receive more than one bill for the same hospital visit. However these bills are for services by different and separate parties – you are not being charged twice. One bill is from the hospital, and it covers charges for use of facility, equipment, medication and supplies. The second bill is from the physician or the physician group, and it covers the professional charges for the emergency physician’s services; this invoice is generated out of our Huntington, WV office.

Is ProBill a collections agency?

No. ProBill is a medical billing company who bills on behalf of the provider or provider group. The collection agency used by the provider group is a separate entity.

Why did I get a bill from ProBill?

The statement represents the professional charges for the emergency physician’s services you received at the hospital.

Who is ProBill?

ProBill is a professional medical billing service located in Huntington, West Virginia. Founded in 1978 by a local physician, ProBill remains physician-owned today. With clients across the United States and over 100 years combined billing experience, we are able to deliver cost-effective, professional medical billing services for today’s complex market.